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These guys hit the jackpot!Halibut Fishing is a dream come true for the avid fisherman and novice alike. The fish are plentiful, with lots of biting action and often a big lunker will take the line. Halibut fishing is bottom fishing and it is helpful to keep your bait moving to entice the flat creature. The halibut has eyes on the top of it's head and is gazing around watching for your bait. This one's over 300#, caught Sept. '98Before a big fish is brought on board the skipper or mate will often shoot the fish to keep it from dangerously flopping about on the deck and then club the fish. Don't be alarmed, this is for your safety. A halibut is almost all muscle and a very strong animal indeed. Often other fascinating creatures are brought on board: black bass, gray cod, A big pod of Orcasling cod, octopus, Irish lords (often called the "mother in law" fish because of their very large mouths), skates, salmon and an occasional shark. You never know what that tug on the line is going to bring.

Capt. Dan with
some tasty rockfish

A big halibut after
a shark attack

Deckloaded and
heading home

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Long time clients the Suttons in 2002

 and in 2007

Fishing License Info

Resident Fishing Licenses

All Year $29
Salmon Stamp $10

Non Resident Fishing Licenses

1 Day $25
3 Day $45
7 Day $70
14 Day $105
All Year $145
1 Day Salmon Stamp $15
3 Day Salmon Stamp $30
7 Day Salmon Stamp $45
14 Day Salmon Stamp $75
All Year Salmon Stamp $100

You will need an Alaskan Fishing License for halibut fishing even in ocean waters. We have licenses available at our office “Salty Girls”. They are also available at sporting goods stores and the major grocery store in town. You will need a salmon stamp if you will be fishing for King Salmon.

Did you ever meet a kid who doesn't like to fish?

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